This post prompted mine –

Well, Malak went to bed at 8:30pm, was falling asleep over dinner, and only had one nap at 12:30pm-2:20pm (strangely long as he always naps 30 minutes to a max. of 1 hour). He woke up at 9:30pm, didn’t cry or fuss and came to meet us in the living room. I nursed him and he pretended to fall asleep several times, but would sit down with a big smile and big wide-awake-eyes and would snuggle (we were sitting on the couch). I took him to his room grabbed a wrap and wrapped him in front. He complained for a bit, rubbed his eyes, snuggled…with eyes opened. I continued working on my paperwork moving around so he would fall asleep. He fussed more, I took him off the front wrap and wrapped him on my back. He fussed more. I thought he wanted to sleep so I moved around and bounced him lightly around the living room. He continued fussing and trying to straighten his legs. Daddy came and took him off my back and we all went to bed.He nursed again and pretended to fall asleep and would move around and stand while latched. He then would sit down and say “down” and I would grab him and get him close to me and he would latch again. This happened for a good half hour. I decided to grab my coconut water and exit the room to continue doing some work. 1 minute later he comes out walking and daddy behind him. I sent daddy to sleep and said to just let him play, or walk, or whatever he wanted to do. Next thing I notice, he had a runny nose and sneezed a few times. I cleaned his nose, and in the past 45 minutes he has sneezed another handful of times. He has come to the pantry (where I was standing with the door open) and grabbed a bag of organic chips and opened the bag (yes, at 1 year and 1 day, he has opened bags at least 5 times), and looked inside. He signed “comer” or “eat” and I opened the bag wider so he could see inside. He grabbed a chip, took a small bite and ran to Woodstock (one of our 5 dogs) and fed it to him. I thought he was hungry, so I grabbed an organic vanilla “teething” biscuit and gave it to him and he ran, without even trying it, and fed it to Woodstock again -not hungry! Since, he has been pulling his travel bag, his toy suitcase, gotten into his Cozy Coupe, snuggled with the dogs, and continues to run around with no signs of wanting to sleep. Intermittently he says “ma-ma” and raises his arms for me to pick him up (he used to say “upa”, but started whining instead, about a week ago, so I started requesting for him to say “mama”, I HATE whining!!) Oh, growth spurts! Or teething, or…toddlerhood?




update (since I am returning to blogging)- I was pregnant!!! Baby knew I was and that is why he was fussy. 2 months later my milk tanked. 😦 At 25 months, my first baby boy is still nursing and doesn’t look like he will be stopping any time soon. Rafael, our second blessing, doesn’t mind sharing the goods :))


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