Why I choose to [not] vaccinate…

Dr. Madren and Malak

I have decided to take it slow with vaccinations…really slow. Perhaps too slow for some. M has received 3 vaccinations in his short 1 year. He got the Polio one (because we were traveling to Peru and it is still big there) and two others against bacteria that cause meningitis. All are single doses, each time they are given. All were spaced out from 3 or 4 months until 8 months. He has gotten NOTHING else. By now, he should have gotten 3 doses of Hep B, 3 doses of Rotavirus, 3 doses of DTaP, 4 doses of Hib, 4 doses of Pneumococcal (PCV), 4 doses of Inactivate Polio, 1 dose of Influenza, 1 dose of MMR, 1 dose of Varicella. WTF???? HOW ARE THESE SMALL BODIES SUPPOSE TO FIGHT ALL OF THESE VACCINES IN 1 YEAR OF LIFE? Especially, when those vaccines given to these small babies, are the same dosage you as an adult would get? It does not fit in my head, how this could happen.

I chose to do 3 single dose, for me, important vaccines. We all know that meningitis can kill, and fast. In my experience with medicine in the US, doctors don’t test for viruses or bacteria frequently, they ask what you think you have, they look at nose, ears and diagnose you and give you antibiotics. EVERY TIME I have gone to the doctor because I have sinus issues they have sent me back home with a note saying I have a “sinus infection” (not specific as if viral or bacterial) and a bunch of antibiotic white pills. The first time, I took them, NOTHING got better. My “sinus infection” continued, and two subsequent times the same thing happened. I went to an allergy doctor, diagnosed with allergies. Got my first round of allergy shots (what I am allergic to, put into a serum and injected in small dosages weekly or bi-weekly) and “ta-da!” problem solved! I can breathe again! – My point being, that I don’t want to risk a misdiagnosis and my son dying of bacterial meningitis. My choice to vaccinate.

Why I choose to [not] vaccinate is not based on blogs, on articles from the internet pro/against vaccines, not because it is a trend, not because my doctor knows less or more than me. I choose not to vaccinate because: 1. I work with children with Autism and 1a. have heard parents say how their children were ahead of the game and after the MMR had multiple ear infections, stopped talking, stopped making eye contact, started flapping hands, staring out, etc, 1b. have seen children who have never gotten infections in their 1 year of life, then get the MMR and one week later “their first ear infection”, “their first set of antibiotics”. 2. We all know -I hope- that compromised immune systems won’t fight things well enough, add an ear infection, add antibiotics and you have a recipe for weak immune system. Especially when your physician is so damn smart, that when your child is sick, still goes ahead and gives them the shots (this irritates me so much! GRRR) 3. These “safe” vaccines have components that “help” weaken the immune system, attack it even more than just the vaccine alone: heavy metals and wheat and in some, different viruses/bacteria in one. I read sometime ago, that the FDA had “okayed” the elimination of Mercury in vaccines, because “oh! that’s right, why would we inject mercury to people?” but was  replaced by Aluminum. REALLY? Then you know that these tiny babies get this big shots with heavy metals in them, as long with other components including wheat (which causes yeast overgrowth and inflammation of the gut, the brain, etc.) I am not saying that vaccines cause Autism (the one that is triggered by the environment anyhow, not the genetic -chromosomal one), the components they add to the vaccines weaken the immune system, the good gut flora and end up in a compromise immune system that cannot defend itself from the crap that is given to them. So if all of these contribute to leaky gut syndrome, to heavy metal poisoning and to inflammation of the brain, and these things cause delayed speech, repetitious behaviors, poor coordination, poor focus… no, I am not saying it causes Autism, but it definitely CAN cause everything that would give that baby a diagnosis of Autism, if they have a compromised immune system. Finally, 3. I don’t think I know more than MDs do, I don’t think they know, more than me, what is in my son’s best interest, they (or most of them) have to follow a protocol according to the CDC. Who controls the CDC? I don’t know, but look what I found, to support the interests of our Doctors:

“Vaccine University: Vaccine University is a biennial three-day training planned and organized by CDC for grantees. The training provides the opportunity for practical learning about the Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange (AFIX) Programs from both peers and subject-matter experts. Once the event is scheduled, grantees will be notified.”

Did you see that? Incentives…of course the Pharma has the need to encourage the MDs to use whatever they come up with, with Incentives. If they were so good for you and so amazing and cured everything, why would they need to give incentives? Did you ever see the commercial from Walgreens offering gift cards for the ones getting the flu vaccine? Another major WTF! So you have to bribe people to get shots because?? There has actually been shown that flu vaccines make flu symptoms worse. So again, why do you want to do this? Because you get a gift card? Or why does a Doctor want you to get a shot (or even worse, your baby)? To get a bonus? An incentive? A trip somewhere? Cash? I don’t get it. I certainly don’t get a gift card when I go buy organic fruits and vegetables! I cost my insurance much less than anyone eating at McDonalds, getting shots left and right, just because of my choices.

Why I choose to [not] vaccinate, is because I read and read and read, and research about the topic, from articles, to hidden research data stating how some things aren’t as beautiful as they make them sound, how the FDA is full of crap, and the Pharma has everyone by the neck. I choose not to vaccinate because like my wonderful Doctor said after I asked a couple of times what he thought about me letting him giving my son shots, “It is up to you, but he is ahead of the game, so…” (with a side tilt of his head towards his shoulder.

As a side note – My son’s doctor follows the DAN (Defeating Autism Now) protocol, has a son with Autism and sees 50% of my current clients. And another hand full of children I used to see.

Today, my son is 12 months 2 weeks and walks, runs, laughs, pretends to laugh, understands and communicates in 2 languages plus sign language in the form of: signs for milk, color, eat, up, down, ball, says ‘mama’, ‘agua’, ‘down’, ‘teta’, sometimes ‘up-a’ (up), signals with his hands when I sing itsy bitsy spider, “down came the rain” and twinkle twinkle little star. He howls for the dogs as well as fills in a howl when asked what do “perritos” say, makes mouth pops when asked what to fish say, waves hi and bye, gives kisses and hugs and is a social butterfly. I am still nursing him and going strong. Why do I need to give him vaccines again? At least for now, he is protected with my immunities. And his doctor also said that the vaccines that are given to children are against diseases that are rare, anyway.

* Talking with my mom this afternoon, she mentioned how my oldest brother (the one that asked me to start a blog) had episodes of epilepsy or seizures when he was a baby. Coincidentally, he had the first episode at 12 months (after I asked her if he had had a vaccine before that she said OMG! He did!) following the Tetanus vaccine, to which he was prescribed an anti-epilepsy medication that she said “got him looking retarded, after being so active, he would sit and stare and do nothing”. Today she looked up what that medicine was for (which by the way she only gave it to him for 2 days and then flushed the pills down the toilet). The medicine he was given and prescribed, was an anti-epileptic/ anti-convulsant medicine to treat side effects of Tetanus vaccine (Tetanus bacteria).  She was speechless and then followed by saying “what assholes!” And I agree.







2 thoughts on “Why I choose to [not] vaccinate…

  1. My son has Autism, and while I know (for him) that vaccinations had nothing to do with his diagnosis (he came out of the womb with his sensory issues), I DO believe that for many kids, vaccinations DO cause Autism.

    Good for you for doing your research and making your own decisions. I commend you!

    1. Yes, since I was talking about vaccines I omitted that sometimes developmental delays could be genetic predispositions triggered by the environment, sometimes they are genetic, where certain chromosomes are repeated,for example. Because there was a possible Aspergers in my family ( too old to diagnose) and Alzheimer’s in my husband’s family, the genetic part may be there and I just refuse for the environment to pollute his system. 🙂 thank you for your comment!

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